Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trainer Mel Of GM-Fitness Taking her Fitness to the next level

New Personal Training Regime


Afternoon all. Mel from GM-Fitness here. As of four weeks ago I completely decided to Change the way I train, One to see what effect it would have on me, both physically and mentally, Also I have cleaned up my diet, To eating clean 100%.

Training now consists of Heavier Leg sessions, Training alongside My Partner Gareth, As well as a very varied program, Using all components of fitness, As I am a believe in everything in Moderation is key to progress.

I have always loved training It is my passion And I love what I do.

As I mentioned above Training changed for me due to fitness goals That I would like to achieve in the next few Months. So I am Blogging as of today.



Training today was totally brutal. It consisted of the following


11 Laps around the track

10 burpee Squat jumps

Repeat the above

2500 Metre Row ( This is something that I really do struggle with)

60 Metres sprint x 5 no rest ( At this point I was on the edge of puking!

Followed by 10 Burpee Squat Jumps


And it didn’t end there!


10 High jump squats with 16kg weight

10  shoulder presses light 20lb dumbbells

X 3


Kettlebell swing 10 reps

Chest to bench pushups 12



To Finish

T Bar squat and press 3x10 ( forearms felt like they were going to explode)


12 dips

12 cable extensions



Completely ruined by the end of this session which was thanks to Trainer Gareth of GM-Fitness. There is something amazing about the endorphin rush at the end of a brutal session. Totally buzzing the rest of the day. You just gotta love the after feeling guys…