Sunday, 16 September 2012

Set Your Self A Goal

Set Your Self A Goal

Fitness for some is an up hill struggle you are constantly trying to reach the top, but have you ever stopped to consider what you are striving to achieve?  For many of us fitness is a chore, a simple necessity that we must endure in order for us to maintain a reasonable level of well being.

Those of you who embrace exercise feel its many wonderful benefits, you realise it changes not only how you look, it changes how you feel, and how you live your life, in a positive more fulfilling and vibrant way.

Exercise is not just a thing you do, its what it does for you and to you. It shapes it moulds it creates, it is the fabric of beauty and comes in all shapes and sizes, its beauty can been seen anywhere and everywhere and in countless forms its in everything you do.

Like everyone you need a goal, something to work towards, make it measurable, feasible and palatable, and one which is easy to digest.

Come on I know you want a bite!

Small changes, take the stairs instead for the lift, don’t skip breakfast, go for that walk, carry the shopping in a basket instead of a trolley, and reduce your sugar intake.

For example Mel and I decided gm-fitness we were to enter a 10k race with obstacles, neither of us have entered anything like this before and to add to matters I am allergic to running but keen to try it.

Mel and I frorm GM-Fitness had made the choice to change only two elements of our existing routine, those being the addition of a programme that consisted of jogging, sprinting and practicing exercises that closely mimic the ones we will have to conquer.

A wall is only as high as you make it
I have been enjoying fitness for most of my life and adore every aspect of it, from how it focuses my mind and body, to the way it makes me feel up lifted and empowered.  Exercise in all its beautiful forms springs to life in a corrugated explosion of movement and energy, it makes me purposeful and driven, exercise is my drug and I am addicted.

The feeling I get when I see our clients achieve results still gives me massive sense of achievement, watching them transform into confident fit and healthy individuals makes me feel proud to be part of GM-Fitness and have helped in that process I am only a cog in the machinery, dedication goes far beyond the session its all about life style choices its all about balance.

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