Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Changes in our thought patern lead to changes in our behavior and mood. Mel Myles GM-Fitness

Smart Goals= Progress

What we Think affects how we act and Feel. ( Thoughts- Trigger Behaviour- Emotions)

What we do affects how we think and feel ( Behaviour)

What we feel affects what we think and do ( Emotions)

We have all come across those days where we wish we had thought first before acting on a simple impulse.
Those thoughts without thinking often lead us to where we wish we had not ended up.

A guy named Albert Ellis devised the ABC Model
Antecedents – Behaviour- Situations   The model was devised as a way to target problem thoughts and behaviours.

Antecedents are the triggers that often occur before you engage in an unhelpful habit.
( Thought, feelings, situations)

Behaviour is what tends to happen if we follow through with the bad habit.

Consequences are what happens afterwards. This could be the emotional/ physical/ social effect that our behaviour has had on our current situation.

Check out the example below

Antecedent                         Behaviour                              Consequences
I feel Anxious                     I have a Drink                       Calm effect from the alcohol
I feel worried                      I lash out                                Have said things that you regret
I Feel Lonely                       I  eat                                      Feel Better, Then Fed up.

In order for Change to take place we have to be aware that change needs to occur.

GM-Fitness discuss the stages of Change below.

1 Pre contemplative-  Unaware that there is a problem

2 Contemplative-  Aware that there is a problem and see there’s probably a need to change

3 Preparing – Made a decision or commitment to change, Taking steps needed for change to occur.

4 Action- Making modifications to ones life, temptation and chances of relapse are strong.

5 Maintenance-   After at least a year of successful change in behaviour, this stage hopefully has set you up for a new lifestyle.

6 Termination- the problem behaviour is no longer considered desirable to the client.
An example  years have passed since the client last had a food binge/ last drink they no longer have cravings or urges to engage in this behaviour.

RELAPSE ( to undesired behaviour can occur at any time during stages 4-6. This can however be used as a learning opportunity to strengthen current coping strategies and mechanisms in place to facilitate the change process.

Where do you find yourself on the above Change Cycle?

If you wish to make positive lifestyle changes, Please do contact Us here at GM-Fitness.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Cosy By the Fire GM-Fitness

a bootcamp 1016a

Cosy By The Fire By Coach Mel Myles GM-Fitness

I recently attended a concert with some clients of ours.
Rod Stewart.
To be quite honest we did not know many songs, just the odd one-three of them.
The reason for this blog is to talk about health and endurance. Rod Stewart is 72 years of age.
And by golly he worked it on stage,
His stage presence was phenomenal as well as his energy levels. I do not know many people half his age that could of preformed as well as he did.
What is his secret one may ask.

Lifestyle choices!
It is so easy to stop exercising due to life commitments, work, a new partner, busy socialising.
but what happens one day when you wake up and realise you should of done both, the healthy lifestyle, as well as keeping up with your social life.
People often make excuses why they should give up on themselves regarding fitness.
But I bet the odd take out is still on the cards.
I personally believe the best thing you can invest in for a lifetime of healthy living is your fitness regime.
Take Rod Stewart he would not be able to preform as well as he did on stage if he was not fit and healthy.

The choices we make today, will effect your tomorrow, and if your not careful the tomorrow of many years to come.

Feeling fit to me gives me that cosy by the fire feeling.
What does it do for you?
If you look in the mirror right now, what are you saying to yourself are you happy?
When it comes to health and fitness I believe we should not just think of the present moment but think about from 10 years from now, or at a push 20-30 years.
Would you still have the energy and confidence to look as good as someone like rod Stewart when you are 72.

Regular Exercise will
Reduce your risk of the common cold
It will help to improve depression
It helps prevent brittle bones.
It reduces chronic pain.
At least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise — biking, fast walking, running on the treadmill — can significantly improve chronic pain, likely by releasing natural pain relievers called endorphins.

It can help relieve constipation.
Can help you battle against diabetes
Make you Feel less stressed
Decrease your Blood Pressure
Help you feel fitter and look younger.
Keep excess weight at bay.
boost your metabolic rate.
Help you sleep.
You will feel more productive during the day.

If there is one thing you wish to invest in let it be your health and fitness.
For what would life be like without our health.

Live with that cosy by the fire feeling, Invest in a good fitness regime.
You sure will not regret it.
Think of your tomorrow, not just about your today.

Mel Myles GM-Fitness

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Set Your Intensions for the week ahead, Mel Myles GM-Fitness

Brought to you by Coach Mel Myles GM-Fitness

The summer of 2016 is here.

Are you like the majority of people who feel like you have left it a little to late to get in to shape ?
We often find reasons to put ourselves last and others before us, which results in us neglecting our own health needs.
Are you someone that is currently doing this?
Saying I will start tomorrow or I am to busy taking the children to their clubs that you do not have time for yourself.
This is such an easy circle to fall in to.
Trust me I see and hear this a lot.
I am not a parent so I do not suffer from the lack of sleep. But I do witness on a day to day basis the importance of each and everyone of us giving our selves at least 2- 3hours a week to exercise or if exercise is not your thing just getting outside for a walk alone. remembering that you are an individual and your needs matter just as much as your child or your partner.
If you struggle for child care, then often enough trainers can do house calls, or better still can meet in the park, with your baby in the buggy.
There are always ways to get around obstacles, its all about knowing what you want and sticking to your plan.
bikini ready
My Morning Routine, why not try to add this to yours.
I have also explained some health benefits why I do this.

Add Lemon to your water first thing in the morning, This will…..
  • Give your immune system a boost. Vitamin C .
  • Excellent source of potassium. …
  • Aids digestion. …
  • Cleanses your system. …
  • Freshens your breath. …
  • Keeps your skin blemish-free. …
  • Helps you lose weight. …
  • Reduces inflammation.
After you have consumed your Lemon water, Top that up with A Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea
Ego Friendly Magic Matcha Tea
Matcha Benefits 

Matcha Green Tea has many benefits that come from its abundance of antioxidants and amino acids.
 According to research Matcha has many positive effects on your health.
Studies suggest drinking green tea may help induce thermogenesis stimulating fat loss.
Matcha is a form of green tea made of ground powdered whole leaves and contains far greater levels of antioxidants than your average tea.
Researchers at the University of Colorado found that EGCC concentration in matcha is 137 times greater than in regular green tea.

Eat freshly Cut Vegetables in their raw form whenever possible, as cooking sometimes destroys nutritional value, Brightly coloured vegetables is what you should opt for.
Vegetables have a abundance of nutritional value and are filled with fibre, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer as well as contributing to a healthy gut.
Eat Well With GM-Fitness

Take a Mid Morning Walk, Or if you are at the office give yourself a daily squat challenge. The chair that you sit on will be the depth of how low you go on each squat.
Think about doing 10 each hour, That over the course of the day is 80 Squats.
I hope after sharing some time with me here today, that tomorrow you decide to do something positive for your Health.