Thursday, 20 September 2012

At The End Of The Month

As Promised Mel From GM-Fitness here blogging again about My Passion in life Fitness..

So I fight my way through My New fitness regime. I start to learn alot more about myself, And how far I'm willing to push to get to where I want to be.  Have you got this attitude guys?

So we are nearly at the end of the month, Been a very busy manic month. I just can not believe where time is going at the minute.

Eating clean is a lifestyle change guys and the positive outcome you will achieve from it is amazing. We had our cheat day yesterday as i always say once aweek is fine, We ended up with a curry from Asda followed by nan bread, Which at the time tasted amazing as fast food does. But truth be told my body is so well tuned now to eating clean that the slightest shift in eating this way. Then plays havoc with My stomach the next day.

Let me know if you are at this stage yet!

So today Has been fantastic, Yet again clients shock me with there sheer determination to achieve new goals and this attitude is fantastic. I hope this GM-Fitness attitude starts to rub off on other GM-fitness members to be.

So Today I was trained by Trainer Gareth.

And It was hard but at the same time it was a love hate session. If you know what I mean...

It consisted of leg work and lots and lower back work. Followed by Chest and arms to follow.And As I have said in an earlier blog I have cut down on Situps.And have gained a tighter abdominal area, By going heavier and training harder.

What has really made my week this week. Is a member of ours Alana. She has achieved a total weight loss of 5stone 9 pound. This girl is truely rocking GM-Fitness. I hope others are inspired by this sheer determination to hit goals.Her own personal Story will be on its way soon.

Thanks for listening. If any of you ladies wish to join us tonight we have Bikini Fitness on At 7.15pm In Roath

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