Sunday, 23 September 2012

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Sunday 23rd September.

How has your weekend been for you?

Did you hit the gym? Join GM-Fitness for GM-OUT-FIT?

Or was it recovery time?

For myself Saturday is all about recovery, A little bit of teaching then alot of rest, Yesterday wasnt feeling to great so it was what I like to call sofa day. With some fab sleep plenty of vit c And honey all is well today In the GM-Fitness house hold...

Today Is my Training day With Declan, Which was a pretty good session alot of focus on posture, rear delts. Mid back, So a lot of pulling and pushing. The session took longer than i thought but overall a very enjoyable workout.

Alot of People who workout often focus on arms, abs, and legs but forget about the importance of a strong back. The back muscles are extremely important, used for things we do on a daily basis from lifting to sneezing. For this reason, it is imperative that you use back exercises to strength the muscles,

With a stronger back, every day activities will be much easier to manage from working to raising children to simply going out to enjoy life. Three major muscle groups make up the back:

Latissimus Dorsi - These muscles are found on the sides of the back, which are used for extension, rotation, and pulling arms in toward the body

Erector Spinae - Known as the lower back, this actually has three muscles, all running the entire length of the back starting at the neck and going to the buttocks. This group of muscles is used for flexibility and extension for the upper body along with rotation.

Rhomboids - These muscles are made up of minor and major muscles that go between the shoulder blades to help with rotation, retraction, and elevation of the shoulder blades, the very muscles used to maintain proper posture.

Todays Session took a total of 1.46 ( Reason for this GM-Fitness main focus today was slow and controlled to prevent injury and really focus on hitting those small back muscles)

Session as follows

Prowler 50kg for myself Push 10 pull ten. Static legs

Deadlifts 20reps 50kg

Flat back overhand row 25kg 20reps

Bicep Curl Light weight 12.5ibs 20reps

Capital T 8ibs 20reps

Repeat above for 5 sets

To Finish
Single arm row 30 reps 20 reps 10 reps with 35ib weight
Seated Row 20 reps 10 reps 30 reps 36kg weight
Triceps Rope 10reps 30 reps 20 reps 17.5kg weight
Followed by
Reverse Flyes 50.
Inbetween each set 10 pulls and pushes on the prowler with 50kg weight.
Overall thoughts on Sundays GM-Fitness Session. Abit long but great feeling in my Back.
Time for Lunch.
Looking forward to the last week in septmeber guys and girls lets really hit it hard and see some fantastic results for the GM-Fitness Team.

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