Thursday, 13 September 2012

300 Training

Hiya All

So how has today been going for you?

Did you start off with a clean Breakfast? Followed by a good to go Lunch?

Mel Here from GM-Fitness. We are half way through the day and already Im Buzzing another successful morning of Training, GM-Fitness members are really pushing forward, I am seeing fantastic changes in every direction, Some people are truely amazing and I tell you something the fitness attitude amongst our members really does make me one happy lady. So Keep up the great work Guys and girls.....

My own Training today was called 300 x 3

And I must say It was very challenging but a real fantastic session. The passion I have for fitness is something I hope you will pick up along the way...

Started off with My Boiled eggs for breakfast, Followed by Tea with milk no sugar.

Training today was with a great guy you may know him or know of him Stephen robinson. We sure did go for it today. Feel free to give the below session ago, Then buzz me with how you got on.

3 rounds of the below

10 pushups with shoulder press

10 body weight pullups

10 dumbell bicep curls

10 weighted dips (10kg myself. 20kg added for stephen)  Triceps were screaming at this point.

10 cleans 30/50kg

10 burpee jump over bar

10 lat pull down

10 bicep curl barbell

10 chest to floor burpee pullups

10 kettle bell swings

100 Skips or 50 double unders

Then to finish

90 metre lunges to floor with 2x12kg kettlebells or 2x 16kg kettlebells

11 laps each lap 90 metres

100 situps to finish.

How I felt at the end of the session?

Like I really did go for it. Must say I love fitness, Love GM-Fitness Catch you all later guys.

Or Join me at Bikini Fitness tonight at 7.15pm...

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