Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wanting what you havent got,,Genes play a role, Know your body type..By GM-Fitness


We as humans are always looking for what we have not got TRUE?

We often dream about getting the perfect body, sometimes doing outrageous things in the pursuit of it - Fad diets, infomercial gadgets sold by disturbingly enthusiastic people, exercise for hours on end. Yet, despite all of the hard work, Do we achieve it.

If you know your body type and work with it, Then the answer is yes...But go against your body type and it will be a constant battle...


 Witness this conversation I overhead at the gym between two women quite recently, quite often I hear this!

(As a tall, thin and glistening woman walked by) "Oh, look at her. She's so skinny. She probably hasn't eaten since ...... "You know she's had work done — nobody could look that perfect without some help."
"Listen to you talk! I would kill for your thighs."
"Oh, please — look at these flabby things! And you're one to talk, Ms. Perfect Abs."
"Perfect? Maybe perfectly awful."
These women looked amazing but, like many of us, they were so focused on their imperfections, they weren't seeing what I was seeing.

Whether you're a man or a woman, chances are you think you dont have the perfect body. Chances are even greater that you've done things to get the perfect body - Leg lifts and crunches, hours on the treadmill and hundreds of salads — all the while hoping that you'll finally get rid of those love handles or those chunky thighs.

How much can we really change?

Genes Have a major role! Keep reading guys.

How Much Can You Change Your Body?
We all approach our bodies differently. Some people scrutinize every detail to see what they have or haven't achieved. Others studiously avoid looking at themselves unless they absolutely have to. We see people at the gym or on the street and think, "Why can't I look like that?"
One reason is that many aspects of your body are determined by factors beyond your control, and that starts with your body type.

What's Your Body Type?
While we don't know the exact role genes play in what we can accomplish with our bodies, we do know that they determine basic body type. These body types have been broken down into three different categories:
  • Endomorph - This body type tends to have a higher body fat, big bones and a slower metabolism. For that reason, it may be difficult to lose weight.
  • Mesomorph - With this body type, a person is more muscular and may have an easier time losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • Ectomorph - People with this body type tend to be lean and may even have trouble gaining weight due to a faster metabolism.
Most of us fall somewhere in between these different body types, which means that some of us will lose weight easily and quickly while others won't. There are also different body shapes: An apple shape is larger in the upper body, a pear shape is larger in the hips and thighs, an hourglass has a proportional upper and lower body with a smaller waist and an athletic shape is often thin without many curves. Depending on which shape you have, you'll likely have areas where you store excess fat, making those areas the toughest to change.

So what does that mean for you? The truth is, no one can tell what you can or can't change about your body. You can lose or gain fat by burning more or less calories, and you can change the amount of muscle you have by lifting weights. You can control the calories you put in your body and the calories you expend with exercise and activity, but what you can't do is choose where you lose that fat or gain that muscle.

Genes Play a role And are we constantly working against them?

I myself have been training for 12 years,,,Which when I think out aloud makes me think wow so long!

But the truth be told guys And I always say this fitness is a lifestyle change something that needs to be maintain for a life time, Just like brushing ones teeth in the morning.

So Stick to the plan of action Know your body type And work with it!


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