Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My GM-Fitness Goals are set! Are yours?

Afternoon all. As promised Mel here from GM-Fitness, As you know if you have been following us, We have been talking about the importance of goal setting with GM-Fitness, If you dont set goals you will find yourself just drifting along, And is this what you really want?  I dont think it is!  Setting goals and achieving them with GM-Fitness is fantastic.


Because the feeling you will receive and reap when you have hit those goals, Is worth so much, Yes people have slip ups from time to time, But trust gm-fitness its no big deal, We put the slip up aside and we carry on in the direction to our goals.. Which is the bigger picture to focus on.

So the next big event is christmas...

This is a time for parties. Drinking, Shopping, mince pies....

Which is all great fun.As long as we keep everything in MODERATION...And dont forget the exercise along the way...

Week one of My Training with GM-Fitness

So as of Tuesday I started training towards my fitness goals. Which has been totally amazing.Real good food at every meal cooked from afresh. 7-8 hours sleep anight,

Followed by Todays training, Which was hard....

To start Deadlifts...Not to heavy today 5 sets of 10 reps with 60kg, Changing grip on each set.

Bent over flat back row. 30kg 12reps 3 sets.

Prowler pushes and pulls are total killers loaded up with 65kg. Complete and utter pain in my shoulders. Loved it!

To finsih

Chest press light 40kg 3 x 12 reps working very slow.

A few hours after this training with my partner from GM-Fitness my shoulders are screaming my back is tight, My arms feel great, So overall. It did the trick...

So guys. after reading the above does this make you want to reach for those goals with the GM-Fitness team?

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