Monday, 1 October 2012

Strength Training With GM-Fitness


Strength Training with GM-Fitness



Afternoon Guys.


Mel here from GM-Fitness Just a quick note on Strength Training and the positive Benefits.

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Today its the 1st of October, And if any of you have been following myself then you will know as a trainer I have been working hard on the way I train. Being trained by GM-Fitness partners it has really improved the weight I am lifting.

Take today, Started off a warm up bench press with just the bar 20kg, Followed by 60kg for 10 reps, Followed by 80kg for 10 reps. To finish the set off I hit 3 reps on 90kg. And I must Say This has made my Birthday great Im Now buzzing after that lift. So Ladies this is a note to all our females who train with us at GM-Fitness Dont be afraid to go heavy!

Let me alleviate this concern now by stating to women that heavy weight-training will NOT make you look like a man. You can’t build as much muscle as testosterone levels are not high enough. As women, you do not need to fear “bulking up” because you have far less testosterone in your bodies. Instead of becoming bulky, women who lift weights become leaner and more defined. So, if you are looking to develop greater strength, lose body fat and reshape your physique, you should definitely consider heavy weight-training with GM-Fitness.


Lifting weights has many benefits check out below....

Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass.

Strength training makes you stronger and fitter.

Strength training helps you develop better body mechanics.

Strength training plays a role in disease prevention.
Strength training boosts energy levels and improves your mood.
Strength training translates to more calories burned.
So there we have it, Sign up to a class with GM-Fitness today to reap the rewards..



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