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GM-Fitness for the first time ever have GM FIT 12 WEEK CHALLENGE.....CAN YOU CATCH THOSE BALLS BEFORE THEY DROP?

GM-Fitness  What Makes You........

Today I want to talk about Challenges

Signing up for something difficult is one of the simplest ways to keep your fitness on Track.
Even if your usual workouts are solo efforts against the clock, the bar or the elements there is a lot to be said about testing yourself for an event. You will find new purpose to your training and meet like minded People.

GM-Fitness for the first time ever have GM FIT 12 WEEK CHALLENGE.....CAN YOU CATCH THOSE BALLS BEFORE THEY DROP?

The training will consist of 5 days on 2 days off for 2 weeks and 6 days on 1 day off for 2 weeks.
Everyone Has different goals if yours is to walk down the street without getting breathless then the challenge is for you, If on the other hand you are looking to drop a dress size or two then again sign up lets see how the GM-Fit Challenge can help you!

You Are going to need Will power, dedication, And to work hard every day for 12 weeks, I am not just speaking about in the gym, This means clean eating..Planning meals, Drinking enough fluids, Getting enough sleep and keeping stress levels to a low.

Fitness/ Training is hard, it is of course a life long journey and when you hit your long term goal the satisfaction I am sure is immense.

Over the next 12 weeks we will be following some of the guys on their journey. Each Person Will be blogging along the way. I hope you will follow us on this for the next 12 weeks.
I am pretty sure it will be a very interesting few weeks with highs and lows..Aches which have never been felt before, Overcoming any hormonal cravings. Muscle Soreness, Drinking at social events. Lets See how Our GM-Fitness guys hold up.

our First Guy to start the 12 week GM-FIT Challenge is Dave Jones From Cardiff. Dave is a guy in his 50s not the average 50 year old. From Training to football practice to practicing yoga on a weekly basis Dave has his health and fitness Lifestyle all down to the T. 

Dave Aims to increase the weight that he currently is lifting, As well as gain some Muscle mass along the way.

So the training for Mr Jones Started 2nd April With a leg session to really kick start his week, Dave also trained Wednesday at GM Fit Mix, Followed By 2nd leg session of the week on thursday!

We Mixed his Training up on friday and purely went for an upper body weights blast, Saturday was Group GM-OUT-FIT all fun and games along the way.

Sunday Dave had his first rest day after week 1.

Below words from his own kept blog.

Can you Handle the next 12 weeks with me Mel?

Now the fun Begins

Week One
I left the gym with NO Energy I was real tired, Went to bed by 9pm.  ( Leg Session)
Went along to GM FIT MIX, Thought I would struggle but did ok legs started to ache early evening.
Two words I felt ok!
By the weekend after Saturdays group GM-OUT-FIT I Felt pretty good to tell you the truth, Class was brill fun and games, Beating a 15 year old in a race game made the training all seem worthwhile. In my 50s And I still have speed...Oh yes!

Really looking forward to Sunday Chill/ rest/ recovery ready for my second week.

One of our first ladies to be participating in GM-Fitness 12 Week Challenge is the lovely Hayley Davies. 

Hayley Davies is in her 40s, she is a very busy lady with 2 children to look after. university to attend, a business to run and now to top that 12 weeks of intense training with GM-Fitness. So I ask you people who are reading this don't make the excuse you have no time..MAKE TIME!

Mrs Davies Goal is to firm and Tone, And add some definition to her upper and lower body.

Hayley's Challenge over the next 12 weeks will be to get in to the habit of eating on a regular basis as well as eating clean. And not backing out of sessions at the last minute.

Photos of all the above will be posted along the way.

Mrs Davies is now in to her 3rd week of training.. A quick view of her personal blog..

Week one was amazing I already feel so much better, Energy levels are better than normal, I have managed to stick to my first week of eating breakfast each morning. I am feeling very positive.

Week Two. It is Easter break for the children I am sticking to training, Although I am feeling a little tired Monthly Hormones have kicked in, I hope GM-Fitness will get me through this next week!
A little insight in to my personal blog.

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

OH my god I could of eaten everything in sight.  Due on in 2 days I ended up curbing with a bagel with peanut butter and bacon after training hard. Thought it would be best to go to bed early to stop the evil cravings.

Still Struggling with hormones I am determined to get past these next few days.. Keeping myself busy. Then heading for GM-Fit Training.
I nearly Cancelled my session.. But I did not my will power kicked in and pushed me in the right direction. Awesome session with GM-Fitness although It was very Tough the last 15 minutes I felt like I was going to Cry.
Really Looking forward to my rest day.
I am Human Again yes thank the lord. Mrs Davies is back on track and eager as ever to hit GM-Fitness Challenge bring on the week ahead.

As you have read from the above, People will experience different things along the way. The great thing is. This is going to be very Character Building.

Keep Following to keep up to date With Hayley Davies and Dave Jones..

Any Questions Please Contact www.gm-fitness.co.uk

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