Thursday, 18 April 2013

GM-Fitness 12 Week Challenge....Week 2..

Week 2 Of The 12 Week Challenge.. Can You Catch Those Balls before They Drop?

GM-Fitness are please to discuss the second week of the GM-Fit Challenge.
All Geared Up, All Muscles in motion, Attititudes Going Strong...Diets Still Super Clean..

BOOM we are on to a second week winner!

As each of our participants enter in to their second week of training, Alot will be learnt from the next 12 weeks.. Each person reacts differently to Different types of training, Which will be amajor learning curve.

Lets Discuss a few benefits of training.

Weightlifting improves the coordination of muscles working together, which increases power.

 Even if no greater muscle mass is seen, weight training can increase the activation of motor units within muscles.

 In skeletal muscle, studies have shown evidence of newly formed nuclei, as well as additional nervous system connections.

 Resistance training requires an upsurge in brain usage.
 Certain weight training regimens, without any additional endurance exercise, can in fact replicate most of the health benefits generally associated with running, swimming, and walking.

 Building muscle tissue increases the muscles’ demand for glucose. The muscles pull glucose from the bloodstream so that blood sugar levels don’t rise dangerously. This helps to prevent diabetes. Studies have shown that people who weight train had better blood sugar control than those who did not weight train.

 Weightlifting helps to melt away visceral fat as well as fat that builds up around the body’s organs, which has been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

 Weight training on its own boosts VO2 max, the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual.

 Weightlifting has been shown to greatly help the elderly stay in shape by keeping the brain active and the nervous system and body attune to the coordination of movement. All of the above help to prevent Sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass that begins in our 40s.

 Strength training helps to avoid the loss of joint flexibility that comes with aging.

So This Week Is all about....

 GM-Fitness Cardio Blasts.                                    GM-Fitness Muscles In Motion.                       

GM-Fitness Ab Attack.

Lets step in to the shoes of Hayley Davies..

Monday 8th...Got up and had porridge, Just knew this was going to be a good day.

From Tuesday To Thursday Eaten Clean.. Felt Brilliant and trained Hard!

Friday 12th April..Now Then Had a good breakfast,Before attending the gym to be trained by friggen Arnold Shwatzenager himself ( Gareth) God does he make you work hard, Felt that I Gave it all that I had. As I left the gym a Complete Mess!

Definately Worth the pain though, you know what they say No Pain No Gain..Well Im Right With That Baby!
I also Weighed this Week And Bang 9.5 stone Hell Yeah!..... Fantastic Week Of GM-Fitness.

As You Can see Hayley Is sticking with it.. Lets wait till next week to see how she does in week 3.

Lets Now Take a little look in to The Life Of Dave Jones lets see how his fitness Journey is commencing...

Hiya All...So This is how I have felt throughout the second week Of GM-Fit Challenge.. Sorry If It Isnt that Entertaining... Robot Mode Activated... Lol

Monday..Trained Heavy Weights at GM-FIT-MIX , Shoulders Kicked in IMMEDIATELY whilst doing squats..My legs felt ok but Did Feel A little Fatigued after. Recovered What I thought was quite quickly.  Hungry Mid Afternoon

Tuesday...Absolutely Hammered my arms.. To The point My Arms were shaking and my legs were now jelly like! Went home relaxed refueled ready for GM-FIT-MIX tomorrow.

Wednesday...I am totally loving my new training regime.. I am Buzzing!  Woke up today feeling my legs, back, glutes and arms. Really Cuffed though as i managed to complete the lunch class. Although I must Mention I did go to bed at 8.15pm Wow.

Im two weeks Down And Its Awesome.. Weekend of Recovery!

I hope you have enjoyed the second week guys...More To Follow Next week.

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