Tuesday, 23 April 2013

GM-Fitness 12 Week Fit Challenge...Week Three!

Afternoon Guys. We are back and guess what we have completed yet another fit-tastic week..Guess its true what they say fitness sure does make you one very happy person.

Did You Know...

The benefits of training go far beyond aspects, regular training helps lower bad cholesterol, strengthen bones, muscle and help to reduce the effects of depression helping you to go home with that feel good factor

GM-Fitness Aim Is 
to increase flexibility, strength and tone muscles, increase your cardio vascular function as well as build confidence.    
It Is Also Known That
  A person who is physically fit is generally more resistant to picking up bugs than an unfit individual

Lets Now Talk About the 12 week GM-FIT Challenge, Lets See how our first two participants are doing!
Mr David Jones is starting to make some real progression, We are very happy with the way his third week has progressed. Dave is the type of Guy who has will power that even amazes us! He gives 100% In every session and surprisingly  has never moaned, Im Sure that can/ will be changed Ha Ha.

 Lets Check Out Daves Blog Below.


Feeling good today after a 2 days rest visiting my kids in london and managing to walk in a straight line, low alcohol and clean eating, YES I do have willpower. Heavy weights in class today, but picked up and energy levels good.


Although I feel great I seem to have a constant ache especially my legs, So when Mel said we were doing legs you can imagine my excitement!!! As I do,I followed Mels instructions sink in to your heels and push out your glutes, and as I did there was an almighty Rip. I certainly pushed out my glutes to the point where my shorts ripped!!
Needless to say I was conscious of my glutes for the rest of the session, by the way my legs were like jelly at the end. Early to bed ( Again).


Ouch legs in pieces today. Nearly missed class today, but just made it and my reward Legs. Turned out to be a great class which included some aerobic took my mind off my legs.


Ok so todays session was chest.only disappointment I didnt Rip my T-Shirt!  Really good session untill I Heard Mel Mention Legs on Friday omg.


Great overall Session, but it did include a few jump squats ( Im sure my legs have upset Mel Because she certainly is making them Suffer.

3 Weeks Down And I think my Body Is what Mel likes ACHING ALL OVER!

We Will Also Now take a quick look over and see how Hayley Davies is finding her third week of GM-FIT Challenage.
Hiya Guys. So Week 3 Monday 15th April..Started my week off real healthy well the morning was, Untill I started to crave for something sweet..This I put down to stress! I have now turned in to an insane Junk Monster not actually eating just thinking Junk..How I overcome this Early Night.
Tuesday very good day. To stop me thinking of sweet food, Yet again I hit the sack early.
Wednesday Trained real hard, abit  came home had a peanut butter bagel which as of next week I am limiting my intake.
Thursday.. I was absolutely buzzing my work dress is offically to big yes I repeat to Big. This has made my day!
Friday 19th April. Arnold Day Im training like a Pro With GM-Fitness!
And guess what I Was Measured today I have lost a total of 5.7 inches Buzzing!
As you have read from the above Mrs Hayley Davies is doing brilliant she is over coming the ostacales , Please Note althou Hayley is experiencing these cravings, She is getting through it by keeping her diet balanced and trying to keep her stress levels at a low. Which have been slighly above normal due to a very important exam approaching which will take place next week! Week four what does it hold for Hayley Davies?
We hope you keep Following..


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