Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Little Thought With A Few Facts On Stress

A Little Thought With A few Facts On Stress.

Over The Last 2 weeks, I have changed my training, Increased My Food Intake, Now Added A daily cardio session in to my training regime.

Results = More Energy, Better Concentration And a mind full of new ideas. Overall awesome result as of date.

So Today I thought I would talk a little about stress, What triggered this thought well 45 minutes of me time on the X trainer sweating like a big old o...af, How very Attractive.

Why Do We Let Stress Take Over our Minds?

When we think about it,
Whatever situation we are in right now, Will It Really matter to us in 2years/ 10 Years time. My Guess Is No.

We all Experience Stress in our life and a little stress is healthy, But To Much Not so great.

So Next Time Stress arises in your daily Life, Think about asking the above question Maybe.

To Much Stress On The Body Has the below side effects, Did you Know this?

•Impaired cognitive performance

•Suppressed thyroid function

•Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia

•Decreased bone density

•Decrease in muscle tissue

•Chronic digestive and intestinal issues

•Repeat muscle spasms (lock of the muscles) in the neck and back

•Serious weight gain or loss

•Higher blood pressure

•Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and other health consequences

Increased abdominal fat, which can in turn result in higher cholesterol, heart attacks, and strokes

Balance is what is needed. The Word Moderation which I use a lot is Key Guys And Girls.

Good Relationship with food, And if there are bad food issues why is this?
Family Time
Social / Fun Time

Have a great Day Guys.

Mel GM-Fitness x

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