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Health By Mel Myles From GM-Fitness Cardiff

We live in a modern society, where it seems Health is not top on ones list.

Why do we put other things before our own Health?
Why do we continue to make poor excuses?

These Excuses will only continue till it is to late to make a positive difference.

Please do not be just another statistic, another it is ok I am average.
Let us strive to put a STOP to living, leading,teaching bad Health Habits. Let us take a look in the mirror and say I am worthy of being Healthy.

Approaching life with the wrong Health attitude is like walking in to a burning fire, Saying (BURN ME, I DO NOT CARE IF I LIVE ANOTHER DAY).

A bit full on Yes I do appreciate that, But so very true!

Why do people seem to care only when it is to late?

Bad Health Choices Result In The Following.

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Problems
Decrease In Self Esteem
Decrease In Confidence
Low Energy Levels
Lack Of Motivation
Excuse Making

If we focus on making small changes to improve our lifestyles, Then we certainly will Reap The Fantastic Benefits.

Weight Loss
Higher Energy Levels
Increase In Motivation
Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure.
Lowers Bad Cholesterol
Helps Fight Off Heart Problems
Increase confidence
Feel Good Factor
Healthier Internal Organs

Small Changes to Make A big Difference

Take The Stairs
Give yourself Water Breaks
Change Sugar To Honey
Drop The Fizzy Pops
Take a 15 minute walk on your lunch break.
Park 5 Minutes further away from your office
Ask Yourself are you Healthy on the inside as well as the out.

I leave you with one question.

How Important Is your Health?

Mel Myles GM-Fitness ( Cardiff)


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