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Why Lifting Weights Will Not Make Females Big And Bulky By M From GM-Fitness Cardiff

Good Afternoon All.

Its The M here From GM-Fitness Personal Training Cardiff.

How are you all doing?

Today Dear Friends My Aim is to Discuss 1 thing and 1 thing only.
This is one thing that really does annoy me, And truth be told Very few things do this.

Why Women Think Lifting weights will Make them Big And bulky.

Ask yourself Ladies in your every day life how often do you see a muscle bound female?


Im right here waiting for the answers.

I bet the answer is never.. Am I Right?

I lift 5-6 Days a week, And I lift Heavy. People Who know me am I big And Bulky?

3 Myths I want you to read.

Myth One

Weight Lifting Makes A Women Big And Bulky.

It’s no surprise that this is still the most common female strength training myth. Frequent, progressive, heavy weight lifting with basic compound exercises does not make women big ‘n bulky. 

The true culprit that gives a woman a bulky appearance is excess body fat. Period.

Women do not have the amount of testosterone necessary to build large muscles; men do. The average man has approximately 20 times MORE testosterone than you. Testosterone is the reason why men can build large muscles.

Myth Two
To Loose Weight I should Stay Away From Weight Lifting And just Do Cardio.

Absolutely wrong
Weight Training not only Increases your lean Mass but Also Increases your metabolism.
Giving you a shapely Tight Figure.
I Often See Women attend the gym And just Do Cardio And it Pains me to think of the benefits they could be reaping from lifting weights.

Myth Three
Weight Training Takes To Much Time.

No, it doesn’t. You can perform an effective workout in as little as 30 minutes a few times per week. As long as you are performing compound exercises and challenging yourself (using enough weight!), and you improve your performance, you don’t need a lot of time.
In fact, you can get in a much more effective, productive strength training workout in 20 minutes than you could with 45+ minutes of traditional cardio. Doing squats, push-ups, and pullups for 20 minutes will do much more for your physique than plodding along aimlessly on a cardio machine for 45 minutes.

So Check Out Just A small List I have just put together of the Benefits of weight Training.

Benefits Of Weight Training Ladies

You Will Torch Fat
Build Confidents
You Will Look More Defined
You Will help  Fight off Osteoporosis
You Will Burn More Calories
You Will help Prevent Injury
Loose Belly Fat
Lower Your Blood pressure
Help With Anxiety
Help With Stress
Clear Your Mind
Build A Shapely Figure

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