Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A brief chat about Fat with The M From GM-Fitness Cardiff.

Good Afternoon All.
GM-Fitness Cardiff here, Its The M chatting away today.
I want you to Have a little think. Then ask yourself the following..

When you think of healthy eating do you naturally think “uh I hate dieting” or conger up images of salads and rye bread? If the answer is yes then you are probably some one who has tried a variety of yo yo diets that are neither sensible nor a permanent solution to weight loss. Correct?

If you are one of the thousands of people who have tried some  form of fad diets such as Atkins or weight watcher, then you would have seen fast results, that are short lived and restrictive.
Again Correct?

Have you ever wondered why when you stop dieting the pounds seem to come back with vengeance,

Well  your body is a fine tuned machine that has evolved through millions of years and during this period we have developed a wonderful way of preserving and converting carbohydrates into fuel in times of food shortage or thiamine, this energy source know as adipose or to you and I “FAT”! 

Fat Facts

 Did You Know?

Fat is a necessary component in the human body, without it we would soon die,

Did you also know you have two forms of body fat –  White and Brown

A small amount of this is used to protect vital organs and to help maintain insulation in the from of heat.

Fat also plays a vital roll in the formation of hormones and in the formation of cholesterol – Good HDL and Bad LDL,

I Often Hear, Well on A daily basis I hear the words I am not loosing Fat/ Weight.
You have to ask yourself the following questions

Is My Diet Balanced?
Do I control My portion sizes?
When Eating do You think of the now and not the future?
Are you aware there are 24 hours in a day! How much of that time are you active for?
Sleep Do you get enough good quality sleep?  This recovery time is really important for growth, change and repair.
Stress Levels / Do you keep this under control?

There could be several Different reasons you may not be loosing fat/ Adipose tissue.

The answers here must come from within, Or speak to team GM-Fitness Cardiff for more advice.

I personally like to use a visual approach towards fat loss/ physical change. Or from time to time waist to hip measurements, Again taking this every 4-8 weeks.
The scales can be your worst enemy and who actually gives a toss to what you actually weigh. I currently guys and girls weigh in at 10 stone this is my heaviest weight ever, And to be honest this is the best I have personally looked as of date. So banish the bloody scales and start using the visual approach, Even taking monthly selfies is a great way to monitor physical change.

Lets leave the scales to your weigh in days with GM-Fitness Cardiff.

One last thing before I leave it there.

Fact Of the day
 Next time you reach for that tasty treat there are 3,500kcls in one pound of fat! That’s around an hour of intense cardio everyday for a week.

Speak again soon.

Stay Fit Stay Focused..

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