Monday, 17 February 2014

Change Must Come from Within.

Control Or Destiny
Afternoon All. We are back that's right, A very Big Hello from Us at GM-Fitness Cardiff.
Right Lets Discuss the following, And along the way don't forget to question yourself on what is being written.

Society is driven by followers leaders and those who sit on the fence.

What makes a leader a leader and a follower follow, is it written within our D.N.A or are we a product of our own making.

We are exposed to images and ideas that shape our thoughts and beliefs, one persons perception of beautify, morality or ethics maybe entirely different from yours.

Culture, lifestyle and the media , play a key role in moulding our lives, influencing  us on a conscious and subconscious level.

The food we eat to the drinks we choose, we as a species follow trend and habitual patterns.

The same is true when it comes to our relationships with food and life style, emotional eaters use food as a comfort system , this is a taught behaviour and usually not something that has suddenly manifested in  a short period of time, however as it is a learnt behaviour it can be unlearned.

Parents who show love by rewarding their children with unhealthy snacks and treats are leading the way to an un-healthy association with foods that taste great but have little nutritional value and an addictive nature that may lead to problems in adult hood. 
Stress, boredom or emotional trauma can also bring out the desire to binge.  


Trying to break a lifelong habit regardless of what that may be, can be as challenging as quitting any addiction, it's a comfort blanket that has suddenly been snatched away from you.
In order to succeed you must first try to analyse the what , why and the how.
What are my triggers, why do I choose what I do, and how does it make me feel before and after.

Once you have the answer to these questions you can set yourself small challenges, mini achievable goals, think about how you are going to achieve your goals, perhaps enlist a friend or partner to help support you during the first few weeks to help support each other in achieving success.
The most common story we as personal trainers hear is that people do not like healthy food, that they do not have time, that they are  a fussy eater e.c.t.
Statements of an unwillingness to change their thought patterns  regarding food choices , this is usually linked to the negative relationship with the "reward system" or association they have with less healthy food.

The truth is that no food can be completely categorised as good or bad if moderation and self control are observed.

The belief that healthy food is somehow redundant in flavour taste or texture is the first stumbling block for the comfort eaters, the endorphin rush and feel good factor from having their fix is as addictive as any drug and as we are bombarded with ever increasing food and drink adverts triggers can often be hard to avoid.
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