Monday, 4 March 2013

Walk Before you Can Crawl Really?

After Noon All Mel here from GM-Fitness. How are you all doing?

Have you had a real good think about what motivates you to do the things you do!

Today I would like to talk about training and why training is an on going process, And not a fad!

If things in life were easy to obtain what would be the fun in that? I can appreciate that people want things right now but that isnt how life works if it was how do you think the world would now be?

Surely you have to crawl before you can walk...Same applies to health and fitness. Understand how your body works, as each one of us responds differently to any given exercise.

Readers it is not just about the exercise you have to eat right, Sleep well, Keep your stress levels in order..And work dam hard to achieve the results you want.

I can not stress enough that your body is unique you can not compare yourself to another. You can have goals to work towards but these goals have to be realistic!

When I mention clean eating..This is eating the right foods not skipping meals..Eating food that is high in nutrients that will supply your body with the energy that it needs.I do not promote any meal replacements  that are not in the form of food unless it is as well as food.Reason being if this was normal surely everyone would be doing it!

Lets go back to Goals...What are realistic goals for you?

Do you know long term what it is you are thriving towards 5-10 years from now.

Is it health related goals/ fitness goals/ more muscle/ less body mass/ What really do you wish to achieve and then be able to maintain say 5-10 years from now. Because as i said earlier A fad Is not what GM-Fitness are about. Fitness is a life long journey.. 

And I can tell you from personal Experience it is hard, I still have a long way to go before I hit my main Goal. The trick is dedication, Self Belief, self drive, And god dam hard training. It can sometimes be a love hate relationship, What you have to remember though readers training is 4% of your day. It is up to you  then to make the right choices hopefully regarding what foods you consume to help towards those long term goals.

I am Personally on a new training program, Which even now I am learning how my body responds to exercise and this is after nearly 10 years of training.Your body changes year in year out. Nutrition is the key guys! Abs I assure you are made in the kitchen. I will start to blog about my own progress in 2 weeks.

So please

Keep an open mind, stay positive. Never say never If you believe your body will never change then chances are it never will Be! Be honest are you really giving it your all? Do you attend sessions and work to your max..Do you leave the sessions and eat well? Only you can answer this..

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