Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GM-Fitness 12 Week Challenge from April 2013.

It Is Nearly Upon Us April 2013.........

GM-Fitness for the first time have set up a 12 week challenge! Have you got what it takes to join!

12 weeks of intense training, whether your goal is weight loss, toning, firming, Increasing your current body weight, to muscle bulk, muscle definition decreasing your current high blood pressure.. Then the challenge is for you!
If you have the right attitude the determination to succeed then contact GM-Fitness Today.
Training will consist of 3-4 personal training sessions aweek, followed by 2-3 Classes.
You have the choice to sign up one to one or sign up with a friend or in a team of 3 to split the cost.
XX0 Nutrition will be the post workout drink supplied.
GM-Fitness are dedicated to training we are here to support you all the way. With regular blogs to write with how progression is going. Fortnightly measurements and pictures taken. We are sure to have you on the right road to succeed in these 12 intense training weeks.
Now is the time to Think Big.. Think Positive have the attitude that screams I can succeed.
I will Succeed I am part of GM-Fitness!

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