Monday, 11 February 2013

From The Words..Training Changed My Life!

Life is not Always Easy, As I am sure you will agree. But if you can change your way of thinking. Then you can change the way you choose to live your life.

As with Exercise and health. It is a Total Lifestyle change, And as I practice what I preach I can tell you sometimes it is not as easy as one may think!

But if you Know what you want out of life/ Health/ Fitness then we are one step closer to achieving what we thrive for.

Each And everyone is different So please stop comparing yourself to others. What is important is what you achieve and how you go about doing it.

As One of my Ladies Can account for...Please Read her comments Below.


Alana Pengelly

 All my life i have always been overweight and in March 2012 when i got on the scales i was shocked when i saw i was 20 stone. At a dress size 24 i still couldn't believe i was 20 stone. My typical day at the time involved two bars of chocolate for breakfast, usually sausage rolls for lunch with another bar of chocolate.For dinner something like chicken nuggets and chips. Every evening was spent in front of the television with more chocolate (a sharing bag to myself), cakes and chocolate yoghurts. At this time my only exercise was walking to the car everyday to get to work.

After numerous family members suffering from weight related illnesses and after seeing photos of myself during a weekend away in March 2012 with the girls I decided enough was enough. First thing on the Monday morning I joined weight watchers. It was hard. Really hard. In my first week i lost 9lb which gave me the motivation to carry on. I realized that i not only needed a diet overhaul but i wanted to get fit too. That first week of dieting i went for my first run and i didnt even make it to the end of my street. I saw a leaflet for personal training with GM-FITNESS and got in touch. I wanted to meet with Mel once a month where she could set me a fitness plan to follow for the month. The plan she set me was good and she told me to go along to the GM-OUTFIT classes on a saturday morning. After my first 5 mins of this class i remember saying to my husband who came with me 'im dying' as i was struggling to breathe let alone keep up with the rest of the group. I kept focussed though and kept attending the classes. My aim was to wear a bikini for the first time when i went to Dominican Republic in September 2012. When Mel started the bikini fitness classes i think i was one of the first to put my name down and after loosing 5 stone by September i was happy with the way i looked when i wore my bikini's on holiday.

There have been many ups and downs in the past year but i  just need to keep on pushing and stay focused. GM-FITNESS have helped me transform my diet, exercise and overall way of thinking. I used to wear baggy clothes to hide my rolls of fat and now i want to show off my figure. I was named bikini fitness woman of the year in 2012 and i am now 7 stone lighter and a size 14/16. With the help of GM-FITNESS i am now training for my first half marathon in 3 weeks time and a national three peaks challenge in June.

I am now eating healthier , training harder (4 sessions a week) and have so much more energy. So thank you GM-FITNESS you have transformed my life!!!!!!!

I hope after reading the above you also have picked up some motivation, It is not easy But it is so worth it.

Stay Focused Stay Fit. CONTACT GM-FITNESS today.

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