Wednesday, 23 January 2013

GM-Fitness ask what stage are you at!

It is nearly the end Of January. Has the year been kicked started as you have wanted it to?

Has your Change In Lifestyle began Yet?

Everyone will set different Goals..Will have different Ideas..When Am I Going To start is the question you should be really asking!

Changing any behavior, whether it is giving up smoking, changing eating habits, beginning to exercise or handling stress, is difficult and requires a great deal of effort and determination.

Which stage are you at? Check out below....


This is the stage in which people are not seriously considering the possibility of change.This maybe because they are unaware of the problem or because they are resisting confronting it.


This is the stage where people become aware or acknowledge that their is a problem.They are seriously considering the need to change, but need to weigh up the PROS AND CONS. Do Not get stuck at this stage!


Most people in this stage will make a change within the next three months. However they are still in the decision making process and dont like to be hurried in to action. They have progressed from the contemplation stage by finding out what steps they need to take to start the change process.


This is the stage when people actually start to make change, These changes could be anything that will result in a long term change in behavior.

Has the above helped?

Change is hard but it is worth it!

Health and Fitness should be something of thought!

Are you Ready To Take Action Yet?



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