Sunday, 13 January 2013

GM-FITNESS ( What Motivates you?)

What Motivates you?


Morning all, Today GM-Fitness would like to discuss Motivation... Why do some people achieve while others barely breathe?

What motivates some and not others?

Have you ever thought...What your thoughts are like?

Do you ever question Why Not?

Are you a person who is  always oozing positive vibes..Or do you think That some things are never meant to be?

GM-Fitness/ Myself meet different characters everyday ,that is what makes our job so worth while. The process of changing someones thoughts, I believe goes hand in hand to making peoples motivational choices change for the better.

What makes people do the things they do to whether it is regarding Fitness/ Clean eating/ Good sleep/ Not consuming excess amounts of alcohol/ Not taking drugs/  Have you ever thought what the processes of all the above are really about!

I believe / Mel from GM-Fitness believes

Motivational choices regarding achieving your goals come from.

Self Control
Self Belief
A positive attitude
A dream some may say!

I personally think that if you want something enough you will get there with the right mind set..Everyone from time to time will have that little negative voice in the back round    (saying stop-give up..This is To HARD)..Have you experienced that?

Nothing in life is ever easy and Changing your body is very much the same.. But if you change your mind set apply all of the above in time..YOU Will get there!

You Have to Remember Nothing is unrealistic if you truly believe in it.

You need to decide.. Take action Contact us GM-Fitness!

One thing for sure attack your fears....And fight to become fit!

Fitness my friends is a change in your lifestyle. A Change in your thoughts/ The way you think/ If you are at that place in your life right now. Where you are  sick of hearing the words can not/ cant/ wont/unfit/ overweight/ high blood pressure/ bad skin/ lack of confidence/

Then why not invest some good quality time in GM-Fitness. We practice what we preach.. We are dedicated to making changes to clients lives. We understand the Process it takes to get to where you be.

Tomorrow I will expand my thoughts abit deeper on the Different types of Motivation, And where you currently are on the Scale.

Thank you for taking the time to have a little read this morning, I hope you go away with the question what motivates me!


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