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Cosy By the Fire GM-Fitness

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Cosy By The Fire By Coach Mel Myles GM-Fitness

I recently attended a concert with some clients of ours.
Rod Stewart.
To be quite honest we did not know many songs, just the odd one-three of them.
The reason for this blog is to talk about health and endurance. Rod Stewart is 72 years of age.
And by golly he worked it on stage,
His stage presence was phenomenal as well as his energy levels. I do not know many people half his age that could of preformed as well as he did.
What is his secret one may ask.

Lifestyle choices!
It is so easy to stop exercising due to life commitments, work, a new partner, busy socialising.
but what happens one day when you wake up and realise you should of done both, the healthy lifestyle, as well as keeping up with your social life.
People often make excuses why they should give up on themselves regarding fitness.
But I bet the odd take out is still on the cards.
I personally believe the best thing you can invest in for a lifetime of healthy living is your fitness regime.
Take Rod Stewart he would not be able to preform as well as he did on stage if he was not fit and healthy.

The choices we make today, will effect your tomorrow, and if your not careful the tomorrow of many years to come.

Feeling fit to me gives me that cosy by the fire feeling.
What does it do for you?
If you look in the mirror right now, what are you saying to yourself are you happy?
When it comes to health and fitness I believe we should not just think of the present moment but think about from 10 years from now, or at a push 20-30 years.
Would you still have the energy and confidence to look as good as someone like rod Stewart when you are 72.

Regular Exercise will
Reduce your risk of the common cold
It will help to improve depression
It helps prevent brittle bones.
It reduces chronic pain.
At least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise — biking, fast walking, running on the treadmill — can significantly improve chronic pain, likely by releasing natural pain relievers called endorphins.

It can help relieve constipation.
Can help you battle against diabetes
Make you Feel less stressed
Decrease your Blood Pressure
Help you feel fitter and look younger.
Keep excess weight at bay.
boost your metabolic rate.
Help you sleep.
You will feel more productive during the day.

If there is one thing you wish to invest in let it be your health and fitness.
For what would life be like without our health.

Live with that cosy by the fire feeling, Invest in a good fitness regime.
You sure will not regret it.
Think of your tomorrow, not just about your today.

Mel Myles GM-Fitness

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