Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I Have A Love For Matcha May you Enjoy This Journey As Much as I do

Magic Matcha Tea

Magic Matcha Tea

I have a passion for Matcha and I wish to share my story with you

Part 1 of many more

This Champagne of teas has been around for hundreds of years and is still yet to be explored to its fullest here in Cardiff.

For well over 800 years’ monks throughout Japan and china have been drinking Matcha .
It is loaded with Chlorophyll which gives the human body an energy boost.
Warriors Would consume Matcha tea prior to a fight, so also really good as a pre workout drink.

It also contains several high antioxidant properties as it is packed with Catechins which remove free radicals from the body (Free Radicals are little terrors that attack your cells and course aging)

Matcha Is Powered tea in its purest form, the greener the matcha powder the higher the level of Chloropyll.

Dated Back over 800 years ago Monks would drink matcha tea to maintain focus and alertness for their long mediation sessions.

This Refreshing Light Green tea releases caffeine slowly in to the bloodstream, you get up to 6 hours of added energy with no jitteriness or the crash you would get from a cup of coffee.

Matcha Tea Is a Natural source of

Vitamin C
Amino Acid (L-Theanine which works wonders in helping to boost mental alertness at the office or at university.
Full of Antioxidants which promote oxygen supply to the heart.
A Cup of Matcha Green tea has 100 Times More antioxidants than a cup of Green Tea!

Matcha is Also packed with EGCG( Epigallocatechin 3 gallate) Which helps prevent swelling and inflammation in the human body.

I Suggest Drinking 3 Cups of This Champagne Tea Per Day.
It Works wonders for your skin, helps with general alertness and acts as a great metabolic booster as it has thermogenic properties.

My Story of Matcha will cont

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