Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What Stops you From Achieving Those Goals / The Fear Of Change

Good Afternoon Team.

It has been a long time since we have posted to the GM Fitness Cardiff Blog.

Sometimes you just have moments of thought but this brings about no moments of post.

Recently I have been looking in to what makes people change and what makes people stick to what they know.

Take The Couple that are in a relationship that are unhappy but yet they stay together.
Take the overweight lady that looks in the mirror and is so unhappy with her body yet she can not bring her self to change.
Take The young lad who is forever getting in to trouble, knows what he is doing is wrong but yet he still does these wrong doings.

Lets look at the smoker who knows what harm this habit is causing her but yet she will not give in.

We  all at some point Have fear of change.
Fear of the unknown.

But if we always do, what we have always done, then as you know we will always get what we have always received.

The Overweight lady that looks in the mirror and dislikes what she sees. Is she in fear of change or in fear of not knowing what change will bring?

The Couple that are so unhappy are they Scared to be alone or in fear of not knowing what to expect if they step away from this relationship.

The smoker who makes on going excuses why she can not give up. Is this just a lame excuse. or is she replacing the smoking for some other unhappiness in her life that she has not yet come to terms with?

The lad who forever is getting in to trouble, does he do this for attention?
And if  he stops this behaviour is he scared that no one will notice him?

Change is often a hard thing to accept.
But Change is often good.

Stepping in to the unknown. Will probably cause you to have a slight adrenaline rush, A slightly elevated heart rate for just a short period of time. But getting out of that comfort zone will sure bring you some excitement.

I ask you what stops you from wanting Change in some parts of your life?

I often hear many excuses like I will not succeed, I am to fat, I am big boned, I am not genetically gifted to be of a healthy weight.
I am a fussy eater. I am scared of failing, Scared of making a fool out of myself.

But let me ask you this if you never  try or never give it long enough to try out new things how do you know what you will fail?

We as humans all have fears.

How we cope with these fears is what counts.

Tips To Help you Change

Have a visual Goal Board

Once a week do Something Different something that scares you slightly.

If you Can Not Cook, Sign up to a learn to cook class.

Try One piece of new food each week.

Ask yourself this question what is holding me back And Why Do I allow it to.

Meet new people. Sign Up to A new Fitness class.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

Negativity Rubs off, so limit your contact with people who suck away your positive energy.

I will Leave you with my last thought

Do not allow Fear to stop you from achieving the change that will make your life so much more positive.

Team GM-Fitness Cardiff ( Dedicated To Changing Lives)

Happier, Healthier, Fitter, Stronger.

Mel www.gm-fitness.co.uk


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