Wednesday, 26 June 2013

GM-Fitness On A Fitness Journey 2013

Good Afternoon Guys..It Has been a few weeks since I have blogged On Blogger, Busy Times, But hey I am here today.

Today I would like to share with you..Our Own personal training and explain how our progress is going..The last few weeks for US has been Completely life changing, As I entered my Fist Bikini Fitness show 8 weeks ago and my gosh I personally have never experienced nerves like that ever in my life, Wow what a total Eye opener.

Prep Leading up to the first competition was not as good as it could of been, Actually quite frankly it was 50% and that was purely on my behalf, So what that taught me, is if you enter something you give it your all.

We Didn't place in the show, And As you can imagine as I am human that really did wake me up.. Bang! Lesson Learnt.

Very Mixed feelings the next day..But guess what you always get up and come back stronger!

So for all you people out there who hit that wall at times, It is only you that can get back up and fight your way forward to a fitter you!

We are now 7 weeks in to a new training program, Which consists of 6 days on one day off, Backed by very good nutrition .Not a meal to be missed or shake to be missed.

 Training is awesome at this moment in time having a focus is always key to helping you get through fitness sessions with GM-Fitness.. I have personally been close to tears in the last few weeks as some sessions are totally horrid. But that feeling at the end of the session is totally worth the pain which last so much shorter than the benefits WHICH will be reaped!

Gains So far in 7 weeks 7 pounds.. Very Very Happy.

So guys I hope you continue to train hard eat clean, Focus on your goal and remember you get out what you give in!

Join GM-Fitness We are as dedicated To Training As you are to..................!

Mel GM-Fitness

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