Thursday, 13 June 2013

GM-Fitness How Exercise And Clean Eating Is Changing My Life!

Have You Ever Felt like you have hit a Brick wall?

Or another Words Have you Only Given 50% Of what it takes to achieve what you are out to get?

Exercise And Nutrition My Friends Is not A fad, As We GM-Fitness Have stated So many times before both exercise and Nutrition is a lifestyle Change!

If you only Give 10% Then what is it you will receive back?


But If you can commit to the lifestyle change then my friends we assure you The positive benefits that you will reap from exercise and eating right will totally weigh out all the junk food you previously liked to consume.

Health is about what is going on inside the body as well as on the outside.. So take some time and think about what it is you give your body most days to Digest.

Surely You Live in one body So you want to treat that body well...True? 

I am not saying You Can not have certain Products What I am Saying is think before you consume those products, think about the effects tomorrow it will have on your body.

Eating and exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can be important to how you feel when you exercise, whether it's a casual workout or a serious athletic competition.

If You are looking For Nutrition Advice Then Drop GM-Fitness A Message..

We GM-Fitness Have been Working with a great client of ours Dave Jones.

Dave Jones has gone through a total lifestyle change, from understanding the importance training has had on this body physically as well as how it has changed his whole way of thinking....

It has Made him stronger, His muscles fuller, His Attitude towards fitness has blossomed, We at GM-Fitness look forward to seeing how far Daves Training Progress will go in the next few months.

Lets take a little long in to Daves own personal Blog

Week 9 not long now.

 Monday off so a short week

Session with Gareth, upper body and some tough exercises
Legs today alternating between weights and bikes
Another session with Gareth and upper body again
Never thought I'd be begging to do legs, well we did and not sure if it was a good idea
Final day of the week training and I am knackered!! But managed to get through it with a final run the length of Roath Park rec with my tail intact!!!

Great week into double figures next week - number 10 - bring it on

Week 10, been totally focused on training and now a month of Rock n Roll......and training of course.
Missed Monday because of work commitments (might have to pack this job in)
A tough session starting with back and then onto legs which left me on my knees at the end. Think that covered of Monday.
Heavy weights in circuits, amazing how few reps and heavy weights shatters you.
Really aching today and not sure what I can do but once I got going the aches disappeared and off I went
Last session of  the week and just when I thought I was getting used to this, this last week has  left me well and truly aching. Gareth and Mel have left their mark!!!

 So Far This challenge has been tough the level seemed to go up but although it was hard I felt I coped quite well and always pushed myself.  I've learnt a lot understanding what muscles are working with what exercises, my technique has improved and i'm starting to understand what I can lift also the important part your mind plays and the correct things to eat.
It's certainly true what Mel and Gareth say not sure the physical difference in me but I feel different and feel very good in myself including confidence, positivity and self belief what I can achieve. Not forgetting the fantastic motivation from Mel and Gareth who have pushed me beyond what I thought was possible.
Watch This Space...GM-Fitness.

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