Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Three Weeks To Xmas Are you Feeling GM-Fit?

Afternoon all. Been busy busy busy. And its getting so close to christmas.

So A very quick update on how things are moving.........

30TH November was our first Xmas Celebration for GM-Fitness And what a success that was! Thank you to everyone that attended. Thank you GM-Fitness Members you have all done so well this year!

So with only 3 weeks left to christmas its really important we stay on track with our fitness guys. I understand that more food and drink will be consumed which is fine as its a festive time of the year. If we can stick to training over the festive season then it will not feel so bad when you are out at these parties..

I know why I dont drink after the 30th The 1st of December for me was a COMPLETE WASHOUT!

I think I will stick to one or two drinks over xmas and enjoy the festive season being sober lol..

So on that note as I am pushed for time I will leave it there.

Think Fitness Think GM-Fitness 2013..

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