Tuesday, 24 July 2018

You are the engine be your own driver 

We all dream about improving ourselves , we have passions that drive us and shape our personal values. Our belief systems shape our everyday decisions from the clothes we wear to the food we eat our choices are personal and as unique are you are.

The decision to make self-improvement must come from your personal desire to become the best you can be, and not be the guilt child or another.

 If your decision to make lifestyle changes are not part of your belief system or desire, then they are likely to become short lived, or remain the realm of wishful thinking. 

Your desire to change must match your will power and self belief otherwise you may find yourself drowning under an avalanche of excuses and self sabotage.

The old saying Rome was not built in a day springs to mind when new comers to exercise ask how long will it take me to become x y and z. 

Do not burden yourself with unrealistic or impractical goals, when many people embark on a new mission of self improvement, they often get stuck in a rut due to self imposed limitations, or unrealistic goals or ambitions.

 If it took 10 years to break chances are it won’t be fixed in a day, there are many factors that can both accelerate or halt progression, from self belief, to self sabotage, activities, sleep or even over exertion

Practice, be persistent and never give up.

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