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High Intensity Training With GM-Fitness

What Is High Intensity Interval Training, and how often should we do it?     

High intensity interval training is also known as HIIT Can also be called High Intensity intermittent training known as (HIIE)
This type of training is interval based, which means it is cardiovascular exercise, alternating with short sharp periods of exercise and a short recovery period.

A HIIT session can vary from 10 to 45 minutes in duration an example of this type of training could be 30 Seconds of Jump squats followed by 30 seconds of slow squats followed by a 30 second recovery, typically completing 4-6 Rounds in one circuit.

The amount of time that you exercise for will vary depending on the types of exercises that have been set.
Basically, what we are after is high intensity intervals that involve short periods of vigorous exercise that elevates your heart rate (Expect to feel uncomfortable for a short period of time)

High Intensity training provides many benefits in a shorter amount of time- It also provides many health benefits.

Burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.
Improve Oxygen consumption
Reduce High Blood pressure
Burn Fat
Reduce blood sugar
Gain Muscle
Improve Posture
Speed up your Metabolic rate

Adults aged from 16-60+ Should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity activity throughout their week, Or at least 75 Minutes of high intensity training per week.

There is a well known anti ageing enzyme  known as TELOMERASE which is activated through exercise, one single workout can activate TELOMERASE in cells.
Anti Ageing HIIT benefits could include
Increased energy
Boosted metabolic rate
Improved Libido
Improvement in muscle
Reduced body fat
Firmer skin

High Intensity Training can also help balance hormones for weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.
GHRELIN- This hormone is responsible for long term weight gain and the short term eating habits known as the munchies. This hormone is produced in the stomach and it is believed to be the only hormone that can stimulate appetite.
= It is released in response to stressful situations, which explains why people eat when they are under stress.
= The stress cycle contributes to weight gain, by exercising we help reduce stress)
LEPTIN- This is known as the starvation hormone, why? Because it gives you the sense of feeling full, by telling your brain that you have eaten enough food, Leptin is a key component to maintaining that your energy levels are sufficient.
= High intensity training can control both hormones and balance other hormones naturally.
= Leptin mediates long term regulation of energy balance and will suppress food intake there by inducing weight loss.

High Intensity Exercise can be incorporated in to your daily routine as easy as….
Walking to the shops
30 Seconds power walk 10 seconds recovery (repeat for duration of shop walk.
HIIT Training can involve
Body weight training
Band Work
Bar Work
Training with Partners.

Here at GM-Fitness We offer a varied Training Program which offers HIIT Sessions which focus on keeping your body Balanced, injury free and teaching you why exercise is important for everyone.

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