Wednesday, 23 October 2013

First Competitive Year!

Afternoon all.

What a busy few months it has been, Really quite crazy actually.

GM-Fitness first year of competing, Major change in training, Daily diet, Sleep patterns, Discipline, Overall a major learning experience.

We first competed in May this year, Going in not really sure what to expect but we got through the day and wow what an eye opener it really was!

Personally at the time I thought we are ready, when the day actually arrived bang it hit me we were going to be standing in front of hundreds of people posing stage ready.

It was one daunting experience, Not up against many girls at the first show, but still competition was high. As I stepped on to that stage.. BANG nerves well and truly hit me, Which one would say is unusual as I am so used to teaching big groups.

I saw the crowd and that little voice inside my head screaming get me off this stage.

Once pre judging had finished I knew straight away we would not place, As confidence or lack of confidence is seen a mile away.

The next day if I am honest with you, as I am human I felt totally wiped out!

Knowing how my mind works I knew that was never to happen again.. Its all about the power of positive thinking guys.. And total self belief.

Training is all about improvement, we looked over the footage from the show, worked out the flat parts which needed work and structured the next 5 months of training and diet down to a T.
This means not missing meals, Training to your Max getting rest periods in when needed, Staying off all junk food completely!
Feeding your body the right nutrition to reap the changes.. And guys Its a slow process but worth it in the end. I often come across daily articles, peoples post drop a dress size in 6 days, change your body in 2 weeks.. This is total BULL.. Please believe me when I say health and fitness is a total lifestyle change not a Fad. Remember quick fixes do not last.
Training over the last 5 months has been fantastic. My Husband who most of you know Trainer Gareth. Completely changed my previous training regime as well as my diet. The gains I have seen in 5 months are awesome.
There have been times when I felt I was emotionally at breaking point as it has been so hard but so enjoyable at the same time, I actually cried several times while training. What a total baby! For 5 months I didn't  touch anything which wasn't meat/ veg/fish/nuts.. Wow this challenged me. To the point I declined going out for food.
One of our clients really inspired me on a day where my training day was out of this world, I remember being on a spin bike after a really hard leg session, Actually in tears.. And the lady that kept me going was Mrs michelle o Donovan. We have been training her just over a year now and this lady totally even on a down day gives it her all.
So I must say thanks shells you got your trainer through that last week of prep before we hit out second show of the year. Lemington Spa Ukbff Bikini Tall.
Thank You.
Now this show I must say made my year.. We placed second out of 22 girls, From  not even placing 5 months prior, to getting second place in my second show totally worth all the tears along the way.
So guys when the training/ diet gets hard... Remember the reason you are doing it in the first place..
Nothing worth having in life comes easy...Remember this.
So heres to next year Bigger better outcomes!
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